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Diamantina Health Service Update

6 January 2014

Diamantina Health Service Update

CNWQML is focused on improving access to primary health care and preventative health strategies for communities in its region, in alignment with the Federal Government's National Health Reform. Since  2006, CNWQML (under its former entity North and West Queensland Primary Health Care) has provided an emergency response/clinical service to the communities of Birdsville and Bedourie through the Diamantina Health Service. In addition, CNWQML has provided outreach Primary Health Care services to these communities through its Longreach office.

As part of their governance practices, the Diamantina Shire Council is putting the contract for supply of health service at the Birdsville and Bedourie clinics to tender.

To increase its focus on primary health care, CNWQML has advised the Council it will not be submitting an application to provide the emergency response/clinical services at Birdsville and Bedourie when the current contract expires on 30 June 2014.

CNWQML is currently conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment for our region, which will guide us in setting priorities for allocation of health services across our 32 communities.

Through a range of funding sources, we will continue to supply allied health services, preventative health and health promotion activities and support for the Local Health Action Groups (LHAG's) at Birdsville and Bedourie.

CNWQML will assist and support the Council, local stakeholders and the new service provider during the transition period.