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Telehealth Services


What is a telehealth video consultation?

At a Telehealth video consultation, a patient and a health professional conduct an appointment (consultation) via video conferencing. Telehealth consultations allow for a patient and a health professional to hear and see each other through a video consultation and avoid the challenges of face-to-face appointments. Telehealth provides better access to health services by:

- Reducing time spent travelling for appointments.

- Improving access to health care locally

- Saving costs

- Improving continuity of care

- Reducing patient waiting times

- Increasing access to a wider range of specialists

- Improving connection for patients who don’t have easy access to specialists

Who can provide telehealth services?

- Specialists (eg.Psychiatrists, endocrinologists, dermatologist, cardiology and gerontology)

- General Practitioners

- Allied Health Professionals (podiatrist, physiotherapists, Diabetes Educators, dietitians, occupational therapists, psychologist and social workers) 

CNWQML Telehealth Program

CNWQML is working with a range of other organisations and specialists to increase and improve the use of Telehealth consultations in our region. All CNWQML staff support patients in adopting Telehealth as a method of service delivery to improve health care in our region.

What are your rights?

- You have a choice between Telehealth and a face-to-face meeting.

- Not all consultations are suitable for Telehealth and sometimes you will be required to attend a clinic in person.Where possible, Telehealth consultations will form a part of your Care Plan.

- Privacy principals are the same as in a face-to-face consultation.

- Your Telehealth consultation will not be recorded without your permission (either verbal or written).

- Documentation of the consultation will be entered into your record as normal.

- You have the right to have someone attend with you. This could be a family member, friend or health worker.

What to expext at a Telehealth consultation

1. Staff at your local medical facility will set up the equipment for you.

2. You will be asked to read and sign a Telehealth Consent Form. Please advise the clinic staff if you do not wish to go ahead with the arranged consultation.

3. You will be taken into a private room, seated in front of the machine and shown how it works. You will be able to see yourself on the screen. If you wish for you image to be removed, please
ask the clinic staff.

4. You will be introduced to everyone involved in the Telehealth appointment. The clinic staff will most often not stay for the consultation. If you wish to have someone with you (family member, friend, Aboriginal Health Worker or other health
professional) please arrange before consultation.

5. You will be asked questions by the health professional. Please answer them normally, as you would if you were in a face-to-face consultation.

6. Please let the clinic staff know when the appointment ends. You will be informed of any follow up appointments at a later date.

7. You will be asked to complete a CNWQML Telehealth Patient Evaluation Survey about your experience.